Photoshop CS6 new features tutorial

Photoshop CS6 beta has a new interface and a lot more. Join Colin Smith as he provides a whirlwind tour of the top new features. Find out some cool tips and see Photoshop CS6 in action. Discover all that’s new in the layers panel too! From the free launch site resource at

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20 responses to “Photoshop CS6 new features tutorial”

  1. Your Tutorial is Great! You explained the features in a very good way.
    But i don't like when people give to much emphasis for text in Photoshop.
    There are other excellent softwares for text. Such as CorelDraw & illustrator.
    Photoshop is Super for Photographs and images. And i hope they don't give more emphasis to text and paragraphs, in their future versions.
    I have also subscribed to your channel.
    Thank you very much for your great tutorial 🙂

  2. What I don't like, is the sharp difference when drawing or painting, and how slow it is, when the resolution goes higher than 720P, for drawing that's fine, but for more detailed work, it really drags. And, the fact that colors don't get to their darkest level, while using a pentablet, with the pen pressure option.

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