Photoshop Tutorial Beginners to Advance in Hindi (हिंदी )

Photoshop Tutorial Beginners to Advance in Hindi (हिंदी )
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Photoshop Full Tutorial in Hindi for Beginners – (हिंदी ) – इस वीडियो Photoshop को बेसिक से एडवांस में तक एक्सप्लेन किया है | You will learn all the topics of Photoshop in one video, How to edit image with Photoshop tools with different kind of effect. इसके टॉपिक निचे दिए गए है |

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Timestamp :
00:00 – intro
0:01:40 – How to Start Photoshop? Photoshop Introduction
0:23:11 – Photoshop Images Format
0:28:46 – Eyes Effect in Photoshop
0:42:04 – Export Image in Photoshop
0:48:38 – Mirror Effect in Photoshop with Selection tool
1:06:15 – Create Passport Size Photos in Photoshop in Hindi
1:17:25 – Lasso Tools in Photoshop in Hindi
1:25:36 – Pen Tool use in Photoshop
1:39:23 – Blending Options in Photoshop
1:47:40 – Quick Selection tool of Photoshop
2:00:25 – Clone Stamp tool use in Photoshop
2:07:53 – Spot Healing Brush Tool in Photoshop
2:10:56 – Text Tool in Photoshop
2:16:57 – Liquify tool in Photoshop
2:25:07 – Create Text GIF in Photoshop
2:33:15 – Lighting Effect in Photoshop
2:36:45 – Remove Fences in Photoshop
2:47:43 – Create YouTube Thumbnail in Photoshop
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  1. I want to know your point ov view on AI being heavily implemented in latest builds of photoshops , How it goona affect the market . NOW MANY OF US KNOW THAT SHOPS MOSTLY USE THE ANCIENT VERSIONS OF PS😂

  2. Sir banner to design karliya JPEG me save bhi karliya lekin save hone k baad kahi preview nahi ho raha, na computer pe na smartphone pe, kya problems hai, aur JPEG me save hone me bhi bohot time lagta hai. Aur sir mera to photoshop 7.0 hai.

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