Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners without Spending Money on Photoshop (Use Photopea Instead)

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for photo editing and digital imaging. But it’s expensive and if you just need to create a graphic or edit an image, Photopea may just be the tool for you. It’s a complete re-creation of Photoshop with almost all of its features. It’s completely free to use and works entirely in your web browser. So while you practice with Photopea, you actually end up developing Photoshop skills. You’ll start at the beginning. You’ll learn how to use Photoshop layers, how to change colors and retouch images by removing spots. This is great for photographers and designers.

We tested it and I was really surprised well it worked. In this video I’ll show you step by step how to use it. You’ll learn the importance of layers, how to add images, shapes and text to create great graphics. We’ll remove the background of an image and we’ll even cover how you can do a basic skin retouch on an image with Photopea.

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00:00 Photopea – A FREE Alternative to Photoshop
01:07 What is Photopea
02:08 How to Create a New Project
03:13 The Interface
04:12 How to Change the Background Color
06:07 How to Make Your Text Look Fancy
08:17 How to Add an Image
09:04 Concept of Layers
10:06 How to Add Shapes
11:31 Essential Selection Tools
13:03 History – How to Go Back in Time
13:33 Saving a Project
14:31 Remove the Background of an Image
17:32 How to Retouch and Smoothen Skin
18:24 Wrap Up

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