Photoshop Tutorial: Transform a Photo from Day to Night

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In this Photoshop Tutorial, I will show you how to transform a photograph from Day to Night time in Photoshop Cs5. This Day to Night photo effect is simple yet still somewhat realistic and can be done with a few simple adjustment layers.

Steps Involved:

1. Create a new Hue Saturation Adjustment Layer and turn the saturation slider down to around -50.

2. Next, create a new Photo Filter Adjustment Layer, and select a custom dark night blue color and turn preserve luminosity off. Set the density to 90-100%. Lower the opacity of the Adjustment layer to your liking.

3. Create a new Gradient Map Adjustment Layer and using a Default Black to White Gradient, set this layer to Multiply.

4. Use Layer Masks to Darken up the sky further while leaving the rest of the image visible.

5. Add stars to the image using a custom brush creating in the Brush Window. Create a brush with Spacing setting and Size Jitter turned up and create a lightly dotted starry sky. Lower the Opacity of the stars and mask out portions for realism.


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