Police block press Photographers from working

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44 responses to “Police block press Photographers from working”

  1. Who is this wpc? I would really really like to be arrested by her. It is vital that I know who she is and what beat she does…. Is there anyone that can help….. It would be very much appreciated if you could.

  2. All I could think during this video is how the fuck are they in shirts in winter time england 😂😂 I’ve been wearing like 3-4 jackets and still catch my self shivering 😂😂

  3. Protest from Latin prōtestārī, meaning “to declare publicly,” from the root testārī, meaning “to testify.” The pro- in protest doesn't mean “in favor of” or “supporting” as it does in some other terms—instead it's used to indicate a sense of outwardness. To protest is to speak out against something.
    And that’s exactly what that police officer did.
    Those little worker ants that followed 👮‍♀️ haven’t got a clue about anything especially law, lawful, legal & illegal. One stated they can’t differentiate between protesters & the Press which is very alarming then explained “all we’re doing is…” a weak attempt at justifying breaking our laws. Are they there just to look pretty and be incompetent. They are attempting to use the covid1984 as a means of control, to keep people moving & disrupt socialising and not just protests.
    Never a straight answer from them.

  4. Satans asshole government n big corporations pay the thin blue balls "pigs" to rape take n murder citizens. The thin blue balls do not work for the people, they work for satans assholes. theirs no such thing as a good blue pig.

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