Product Photography Made Easy: We Review the Ombar Light Box

The Ombar Photo Studio Light Box is a 24”x24” LED box designed to make product photography simple, even for those with limited studio skills. In this review, we discuss the features, pros, and cons and whether this might be the light box for you.


The Ombar arrives in a deceptively small box, since it is collapsable and folds flat. The product is packaged well, and assembly is simple enough that the included instructions will most likely not be necessary. The light box includes five backdrops (black, white, blue, red, and beige), LED dimmer switch with color temperature adjustment from 3,000-6,500K, and a light diffuser. When folded, the Ombar has a built-in carrying handle.

What We Like

One of the best features of this product is how simple it is to set up and adjust based on need. Since all of the panels velcro together, popping open the top panel to switch a backdrop only takes a few seconds. The box has windows on the front and top that fold back and make shooting from a variety of angles fairly easy. The inside of the box is also lined with a reflective silver material.

The light output is very bright and even, especially when using the white background. Since the box has two front windows and one top window, it is a simple matter to shoot your object from a variety of angles in order to capture as much detail as possible.

Switching between the color backdrops is also a streamlined process and requires opening the top of the box, peeling back the diffusion material (if you are using it), and removing the current backdrop, which is attached via two small velcro squares.

Overall, the light box makes for a pleasant experience regarding setup, usage, light output, and results.

What We Don’t Like

The biggest downside to the Ombar is found when using any of the color backdrops, because the background color will appear significantly lighter against the back bottom edge of the box (where the backdrop meets the back of the box and angles upward).

Another drawback of the box is that the front window does not go all the way to the bottom, which means you must open the front of the box to photograph an item straight on and not from a slight angle (unless you lay it flat and shoot from above, which might not be ideal for all items).

Final Impressions

Overall, the Ombar Photography Light Box is a well-made, easy-to-use item that is best suited for photographers or business owners who need high-quality photos of their products without investing in a lot of gear or studio knowledge. For a small LED box, it offers excellent light and enough versatility to easily photograph a variety of products, all in a portable package.

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