Profoto Announces New Studio-Quality Smartphone Lights, Retailing at $299 and $499

In a new announcement from Profoto, the company’s first ever studio lights for smartphones have been unveiled. The C1 and C1 plus are small, portable, handheld bulbs that can be used to enhance any casual phone snaps.

To use the lights, a user must sync them with the Profoto Camera phone app. The company said it’ll help to create “professional images with just a simple click.”

The light the C1 product range delivers is natural-looking and beautiful with a soft, gentle fall-off, and that’s partly because of the shape. Each light is round, like the sun. […] [Y]ou will always have natural-looking, beautiful light with you. Anytime, anywhere.

Of the two, the C1 is smaller, with a maximum brightness of 1,600 lumens. The C1 Plus crushes that, outputting up to 4,300 lumens. Both have a color rendering index of >90 and adjustable temperature range of 3,000K-6,500K (±200K).

The lights charge in two hours and have a duration of 2,000 full-power flashes, meaning users won’t need to charge them up too frequently. They can also be kept on continuously, with the C1 and C1 plus staying lit for 30 and 40 minutes, respectively.

The C1 can only be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth, while the superior C1 Plus has an AirTTL receiver built-in, meaning it’s compatible with Profoto’s AirTTL transmitters. The C1 Plus also has a thread, making it capable of mounting on a light stand.

Photographers Brandon Woelfel and Aly Kula were given the lights to tests; here are the results.

The Profoto C1 is shipping now for $299. The C1 Plus will be $499 and is currently available for preorder

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