"Pushing Sitecore 9 Dynamic Placeholders to the edge with a Bootstrap Grid System Implementation"


By Rodrigo Peplau – Part of SUG-BR – 2018-02-27 – Pushing Sitecore 9 Dynamic Placeholders to the edge with Grid System Components
Before Sitecore 9 Dynamic Placeholders were only available with some custom code: the community had produced different implementations for that. One of the new cool features of Sitecore 9 is the OOTB Dynamic Placeholders, with some great features we can easily imagine great implementations to our content editors.
In this session I will present the new features of Sitecore 9 Dynamic Placeholders in a hands-on implementation of a Bootstrap-Compatible Grid System. The presentation will cover several aspects of the implementation:
• The new features of Dynamic Placeholders and how we are taking advantage of them to build the grid system;
• How the Boostrap Grid System works and how our implementation complies to it;
• Renderings and Parameter Templates created
• Custom code to support reading parameters
• A couple of very simple Views (cshtml), showing the magic of Dynamic Placeholders
• Some Use Cases for the Grid System to quickly build complex responsive page layouts.

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