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Python Scripting : Auto Bird Rigging In Maya -By Subbu Addanki.mov

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Modular Rigging System: Auto Bird Rigging
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Bird Rig Automation With Python Scripting Using Curves for joint locations.

This ‘Module Rigging Package’ involves 6 individual scripts as detailed below:

1. eRig ( Maya Module ) :
— Helps to reduce typing of coding up to 60% for main scripts like as_EasyBird
— It consists 50 attrs like snapTo_Vtx, createCurv etc. It is module for maya programming.
— With all my efforts, developing this eRig module for past 3 years. It helps for any auto rig.
— With this module, One can build any auto rig like biped, quadruped etc in a week time.

You can watch one of the many functions of ‘eRig’ here: eRig_UnfreezeRotation

2. eCtrl ( Maya Module ) — It creates 50 different controls for any auto rig

3. as_EasyBird — Its for main auto rigging of bird

4. as_WingFeather — It rigs feathers so intelligently.

5. as_AutoAnim — Creates various options from one fly cycle

6. as_MirrorBirdAnim — It mirrors one side anim to another side

My next video is:
auto bird + auto biped = auto quadruped :-))
(It will take only 2 hrs for auto quadruped setup)
Let’s see the fun.



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