Realistic Materials for Blender 2.8 EEVEE & Cycles

Hi guys,

this is a quick info for everyone interested in materials since I have just released a material pack for Blender 2.8 including

SILVER – with the ability to add patina to cracks and crevices

GOLD – which can also be used for white gold and rose gold

PLATINUM -with a feature to create chunks of raw platinum with dirt inclusion

and PEWTER – which has special features for brushed and pittet pewter

You might also be interested in my realistic COPPER material – everything is available on

All of these materials are designed to work perfectly in both EEVEE and CYCLES and I have videos showing exactly how to use them.

AND a portion of your purchase goes to the Blender Foundation to support the development of Blender!

I would love to see your creations using these materials – so please
post images and videos right here!

Thanks guys!
Have a great day!

Copper Instructions:

Silver/Gold/Platinum/Pewter Instructions:

Visit for downloads, pics, infos, links and more!

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