Render Multi Pass EXR's in blender and Extract EXR data in After Effects

Lean how to render multiple passes in one EXR file in blender and how to extract that data in After Effects.


9 responses to “Render Multi Pass EXR's in blender and Extract EXR data in After Effects”

  1. The color profile converter! Of course! I completely missed that effect, and this tutorial from 6 years ago. You have changed my workflow something fierce. I was working between Nuke for a comp and trying to get extra effects on top with After Effects. This is great thank you.

  2. Hi, thank you for your tutorial, one question, do you know how to extract Z pass in after effects, in blender you need to put it through neutralizer node, but in After Effects this trick dosen`t work ?

  3. I'm really sorry.  I normally give much patience and benefit of the doubt to anyone willing to make tutorials so that us neophytes can learn from the more experienced. But your extremely monotone cadence and apparent lack of interest in the subject matter, combined with the most depressing tone I have ever heard, made me want to stick sharp objects in my brain before I could learn whatever it is you thought you could teach us.  Quick tip: Next time, give a shit before you turn on the microphone.

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