Responsive Bootstrap Website Start To Finish with Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery

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Here in this tutorial you will learn how to make a responsive one-page scrollable website in HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. I’ll show you how to create responsive business website step by step from scratch.

01. 00:00:05 Quick View of Website
02. 00:03:20 starter-files folder
03. 00:04:35 Introduction and Getting Started with index.html
04. 00:08:20 Secondary Navigation Bar for additional links and social icons
05. 00:30:20 Header Section for Logo and tagline/slogan
06. 00:40:00 Main Responsive Navigation bar with drop-down menus. We are also using anchor elements so the element which is active in viewport will be reflected by active link in the navigation bar
07. 01:02:35 Cover Image with Banner Text and Buttons
08. 01:20:40 Body Content Begins
09. 01:21:35 Services Section
10. 01:40:35 Text Block Over Image Section
11. 01:49:54 Text Block Overlapping Image Section
12. 01:59:45 Testimonial Carousel (Slide Show) Section
13. 02:14:25 News and Blog Section
14. 02:35:20 Responsive Body Footer
15. 02:54:20 Copyright Links
16. 02:57:30 ScrollToTop Button which gets displayed once we scroll past the cover image. Using jQuery
17. 03:04:30 Sticky Social Bar that is displayed once we scroll past the cover image. Using jQuery
18. 03:17:01 Fix Navigation Bar on top once we scroll past the Header Part. Using jQuery
19. 03:22:45 Adding animation using Animate and Wow Plugin

You don’t have to be a pro to create a website in bootstrap, just follow my lead and we will create an amazing website.

This is a complete tutorial for #WebDevelopment to Create a Responsive Bootstrap Website from start to finish in a single tutorial.

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Responsive Bootstrap Website, CSS Flexbox Properties, Responsive Bootstrap Grid System, Animation using Animate plugin
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