Return of the POV! (Fujifilm X100V Street Photography)

The POV vids are back! Sit back and relax as I take you around Boston and take some photos.

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42 responses to “Return of the POV! (Fujifilm X100V Street Photography)”

  1. 8:30👍
    I really appreciate this video. I say this because i don't think I've ever seen a street photography video from Beantown. All I ever see are vids of the Big Apple, LA, and places in Europe. And me being in CT, I tend to have more of a bias towards NYC. Thanks. 👍

  2. Nice looking city there! Keep up with the street shooting and be safe! Eventually we will have more and more great opportunities for photos of people without the masks on. They tell me I do look better that with the mask — hey, wait, I resemble that remark!
    Let us know if Fujifilm has an update which cools down that camera a bit. Heat and electronics is not a good combination.

    I have been following several sites on YouTube channels, and Ramon Trotman is sorta interesting to listen to on some subjects. If you have the time, it is He needs more followers. Hope more small channels bloom in the future. So many big names in YouTube for photography just grab all the glory 🙂 Keep up the good work. The numbers shall grow — wishing all the camera community well, Loren

  3. Hi Faizal, loved the videos and your previous work. I was wondering, if not already stated, what your favorite film simulation/presets are if any? Keep up the great work and stay safe & healthy out there!

    With love from New York.

  4. im a fan from Indonesia. I have been waiting for your pov vids also you inspired to me to do the google street photos 🙂 cheers, stay safe and healthy ! keep making these vids, i really enjoy them.

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