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Review of Margaritaville Blender

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If you are thinking of purchasing a blender, then go for Margaritaville blender. This blender has two motors, where one is used specifically for shaving ice and the other is used solely for blending. The blender comes with 32 oz. glass jar that has a capacity to make three glasses of drinks in one go. In addition, the blender is easy to used and clean, and also allow you to pre-program drink settings.

If you are a margarita lover, then this is the blender for you as it makes the entire drinking making process extremely easy. However, you should be prepared to shell out money as Margaritaville blenders are definitely not cheap. But then, the fact that you can make a restaurant-quality margarita at a touch of a button is worth the price.

There are different models of Margarita blenders available for different types of users. For instance, there is Margaritaville Frozine Concoction Maker. This blender can be used to shave ice and blend 32 oz of margarita in one go. The control panel is located in the front, and the jar has a large enough handle to hold it comfortably. In addition, the spout of the jar is designed in such a manner that nothing will drip out when you are pouring out the margarita.

Then there is the Magaritaville Bahamas 36 oz. Frozen Concoction Maker. This blender is a 450-watt power blender that allows you to blend thirty-six ounces in one go. There is the option of shaving the ice manually and you can also blend manually if you want to customize your drinks.

If you are catering margaritas to a large crowd, then you need the Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker. This blender comes with three 24-ounce jars that allow you to blend 72 ounces of frozen margaritas in one go. You can also use the blender to make smoothies, pina coladas, mojitos and daiquiris.

Margaritaville blender price ranges from $75 to $300. However, do not let this be an obstacle if you are interested in making your own customized drinks.

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