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Rhino 6 – Product Rendering Tutorial (Part 2) Rhino Render

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This is a Rhino 6 Product Rendering Tutorial. In this part we explore the basic settings for using the Rhino Render.

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  1. Tam Gaming
    July 24, 2019 at 07:26

    Sry to say this, but rhino isnt good for rendering for rendering realistic looking product visualisation. I use Rhino6 and i like the workflow of it very much! But for rendering realistic products it cant compare with blender 3d or cinema 4d. I work on work with solidworks, and even this makes way better renderings which are looking much more realistic than with rhino. Also if i have files which are a BIT bigger in rendermode, then i reach extreemly fast the 32GB Ram for a project. This i can do with 8GB on my pc with solidworks, and also 12gb on cinema 4d and even 6gb with Eevee or Cycle. I wished Rhino6 would get it to make smaller files and more realistic renderings. Look on youtube how many videos you find for product visualisation. Near not One!!! Look how many you find for Blender or even Cinema4D or Solidworks!!! Near all Productdesigner use Cinema4D to render or blender now since eevee. Would be awesome if rhino could close this huge gap! Because its a pain in the a… to export always the files from rhino to other softwares only for rendering, and back if something was forgotten.

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