rigging breasts in maya


In this video I show one method of how to rig (and animate) female breasts in maya.
Software Used: Maya 2012


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  1. I feel like breast rigging is treated like something negative and oversexualized even in this comment section, but its actually super useful for breathing animation. Thank you for this tutorial, but the fact that there has been 9 years and nobody did any other good breast setup tutorial is crazy

  2. Sorry to bother you with a noob question, but I'm at the point of adding the parent and scale constraints from the breast end control curves to the end joints. On one side, it works fine – it creates a transform node when I parent it to the spine, but it seems fine. On the other side, the control curve flips out when I add a parent constraint from it to the end bind joint – although it seems to be just a graphical glitch, as it returns to normal position when it's rotated.

    I've frozen transformations and deleted history on anything and everything multiple times – I was wondering if this is something you've encountered, and if it's something to worry about?

    Thanks very much for the tutorial.

  3. Uhh, I dont know blender, but I know it has almost the same features that maya has, so Its just about to know how to transfer the steps I show here over to a blender rig

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