Rigging umbrella in Autodesk Maya 2/2


Rigging umbrella in Autodesk Maya

Hi everyone😊)
My name is Marianne and I am a 3D animator and have worked for a long time in a cartoon animation studio)
At the moment I have a dream)) to make my own short cartoons. To do this, apart from 3D animation, you need to know a lot about other industries in this area. And here I try to remember 3D modeling)), to study the rigging of characters, texturing, sculpting. And while I study, I share with you all that I study myself, or remember)) Hope someone will come in handy at least a piece of what I’m showing you. Maybe someone has a general impression of how to make 3D cartoons. Thank you all for your support and views🤗.
And remember, it starts with a small one and is achieved with daily training and perseverance.
I will show you all the simple stages makes a cartoon.
Here you will encounter what workflow rigging umbrella that I use. How to build workflow rigging 3d umbrella in Maya.
You will also find tutorial rigging umbrella, how to create a rig umbrella in Autodesk Maya. I show you all simple process to make rig for umbrella in Autodesk Maya 2018.
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