Setup a circular array in Blender Easy

Learn how to setup a circular array in Blender, In this super easy and quick tutorial. This is really useful for repetitive modeling, especially for circular duplication.

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  1. I was thinking about looking up a tutorial for this and it was just there in my recommendations when I get on youtube. Well, thanks youtube demon.

  2. Setting the origin point for the original primitive is the secret sauce. I was getting so frustrated, I wanted to punch a baby.

    Also, be sure to apply any rotations (set to 0, 0, 0) to your geometry before you attempt to apply the array, or the result is confusing.

  3. if is it possible within the use of a empty? for example I would like to create a medieval bucket to export for Ue4 for example in Fbx format but I would like not to include the "empty" …I might think I should deleate the empty and Iapplyed the array first.

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