Shooting Window Light Without a Window: Nathan Elson's 'How I Got the Shot'

YouTube and photography blogs seem to be all stocked up with quick BTS videos these days. We see photographers swinging lights around and talking about post, but I don’t think we see enough of their thought processes. Here, with Nathan Elson, we get a little bit of everything.

In his most recent version of “How I Got the Shot,” Elson is replicating window light without a window. Using the StrobePro Optical Snoot, Elson creates the shadow lines and feel of a typical industrial window frame. I love how Elson shares a little information on stacking the filters to get a unique look with just the right amount of contrast and drama.

Throughout the short video, Elson takes his time to explain his camera settings, post-processing settings, and intentions.

In terms of Elson’s editing workflow, he provides a link to his free dodge and burn action. There are, of course, a thousand ways to skin a cat, but Elson’s process is worth looking into. It certainly helps to even out skin tones while managing to keep texture intact.

Don’t forget to hold on until the end for a surprise appearance of Elson’s YouTube doppelganger.

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