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Solutions For 3D Rendering

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A lot of industries depend heavily on 3D modeling and animation these days and it has gone beyond your average animation and advertisement sector. Many businesses need to have 3D graphics in order to function and they are as diverse as the furniture industry and the mining industry. They all rely on 3D graphics demonstrations, logos and animations to make better presentations to clients. Even the hospitality sector has been benefiting from it.

So it is understandable that the demand for 3D graphics has been escalating over the years and has been increasing exponentially in recent times. This has given rise to a boom on the industry and smaller studios are cropping everywhere.

But this is a tough industry to please and set up is also very expensive even when you want to do it in a small way. This is because hardware is very expensive to buy and the process needs a lot of hardware indeed. The basic process of creating the model and the wireframes are the tough part. Even tough they require specialized equipments, compared to what comes next, it is not much.

The real challenge lies in rendering your work to a workable file. No matter the platform you work on and the software you use, you will face this problem time and again. The main reason this is such a huge problem is the amount of processing power that the rendering process needs. One CPU will never be able to handle the load with a bearable finishing time, even if it is a four-core or an eight-core processor. This is why almost everyone has to create clusters of CPUs to distribute their rendering workload. However, there’s only so many CPUS a studio can afford, especially if it is a small studio. And the main problem is that other than during rendering, these CPUs are not used by the people who own them. So this is also a bit of deadweight to the company.

This is why hiring other people to do your rendering for you is a much better idea. Not only does you save you from having to invest in more systems than you need for the actual creation process but it also lowers your running costs, headers and your output time. That makes your company look much more efficient and professional to your client. You are able to deliver the work much faster and without any investment. All you have to do is pay per GHz of processing power that you are using.

This is service is provided by specialised rendering farms that have large clusters of their own that are dedicated for performing rendering tasks and all softwares and their respective renders are supported. So whether you use Maya, 3D Max, Blender or something else, a good rendering farm will be able to provide you the functionality right inside your software with a dedicated plugin.

No matter the size of your company, you can finally cut costs and increase efficiency, thanks to rendering farms.

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