• Monday , 20 May 2019

Some Useful Steps That Will Help You Become a Successful Photographer

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Becoming a successful photographer can be a daunting thing, both because of the ever-evolving market and because of the lack of a definite, singular way to go about it. This helpful video talks about some important steps you can take to increase your chances of success.

Coming to you from Joel Grimes, this great video talks about some good steps you can take to put yourself on the path to success as a photographer. Of them, I think not getting too caught up in trends is particularly important but easy to overlook. While you can certainly learn by mimicking other photographers to unravel their techniques and process (and there’s value in doing so as an educational pursuit), if you constantly chase trends as a photographer, your work is unlikely to stand out, and more importantly, it’s unlikely you’ll know how to fix that, because you won’t spend time developing your creative voice and original artistic ideas, instead always opting to copy others. You’ll be much more secure in your abilities if you work to develop an original voice. Check out the video above for more of Grimes’ steps for success.

Lead image by Tirachard Kumtanom, used under Creative Commons.

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