Sports Photography Tips | Tutorial with Phil Hillyard

Canon Master Phil Hillyard has been a professional sports photographer for over 20 years and shares his tips and tricks with a Dad wanting to capture memories of his son playing school rugby.

In this video you can learn more about the camera settings and gear he recommends to use for sports photography. He also shares some insightful tips about composition and lighting.

Sports photography is one of the most physically demanding forms of photography. Whether you’re shooting ball-sports like rugby and football, or extreme action sports like mountain biking and snowboarding, there’s a lot of running around.

Key points of this video:
00:46 – Recommended Photography Gear for Sports Photographers
00:52 – Information about Camera Lenses
01:13 – Exposure (Shooting) Mode to Use for Action Shots
01:24 – Information about Shutter Speed
01:38 – Composition & Lighting Tips
02:40 – Positioning on the Rugby field to get key shots
04:30 – Capturing Emotion
04:50 – Using Manual Exposure
05:10 – How to Shoot Silhouettes
05:11 – End

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