Street photographer vs Portrait photographer ( Portrait photography challange )

Our second challenge together but this time we are asking strangers for photography 👊🏼

Gear :

GoPro Hero 8 Black
Andoer Video Camera Cage
Wealpe Chest Mount
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4 thoughts on “Street photographer vs Portrait photographer ( Portrait photography challange )

  • April 17, 2022 at 17:32

    First of all, Stop panicking. Just go up and say “ excuse me “ not “ I have a question “ then compliment them in some way, you like their style, your hair, your hat, whatever, it doesn’t matter but puts them at ease, then explain why you want to take it. Once they say yes, don’t say “ Are You Sure “ you are giving them the time and opportunity to change their mind, always offer to send them the photos, maybe get some business cards or like me, just introductory cards, the difference being you only add your social media and maybe your email on the introductory ones, not your personal phone number.
    A good way I find, when not doing a challenge that is, lookout for a couple or group of friends that are taking photos of each other, ask do they want a photo of the, all, first using their phone, or camera, then ask if you can take one with yours and once again and even more importantly, offer to send them the photos. You get a lot agreeing this way as someone nearly always misses out on a decent photo p, instead of a crap selfie, what couple doesn’t want a photo together when out visiting London, doesn’t even matter if they live there.
    And please, stop telling people you are rubbish at it, no wonder people said no. Would you want a photo by someone that tells you they’re rubbish? I doubt it.
    See the difference in the way your friend asks, he’s more confident, energetic, happy etc, gives off a good vibe
    Great video guys

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