• Friday , 5 June 2020

Summer Is Not as Bad as You Think for Landscape Photography

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Summer has a bad rep among landscape photographers for being the worst season for photographing landscapes. However, as with everything else, it is not that black and white.

In his latest video, English landscape photographer Nigel Danson shows how he uses summer to his advantage. The main point is to go scouting and preparing for autumn and winter, where conditions are usually a bit more interesting. What you need to think about and have in mind when you scout is pre-visualization. What is the potential of a certain location and how would it look in different conditions? Danson shows a few locations near his home in the Peak District, where he tries different compositions. At home, he evaluates the photos and discusses what he could have done better, so as to use the time optimally when he is back out during autumn.

Besides the preparation, I would also argue summer in itself could deliver some beautiful, lush photos, not to mention the light. In central and northern Europe, the angle of the sun differs quite a lot during the year, which makes the angle of the light unique. Some photos can only be obtained during summer.

How do you feel about summer for landscape photography? What is the best and worst part of it? Let me hear below.

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