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  • Monday , 1 March 2021

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Top 5 Hacks in Bootstrap 3

Top 5 Hacks in Bootstrap 3 Today we look at the Top 5 Hacks in Bootstrap 3. Super fun times. DevTips Secret Link of the Week: Learn more about Border-Box: — DevTips is a YouTube show about web design and development. “HTML5 Basics” ...

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16.1: let vs var – Topics of JavaScript/ES6

In this video, I cover the “let” keyword in ES6 JavaScript. I discuss the differences between “let” and “var” (block scope vs. functional scope). Video on “const”: Support this channel on Patreon: To buy Coding Train merchandise: ...

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16.11: Promises Part 1 – Topics of JavaScript/ES6

What is a JavaScript Promise? 🎥 Next Video: 🔗 Giphy API: 🔗 Wordnik API: 🔗 Promise on MDN: 🔗 Fetch on MDN: 🎥 Giphy API Tutorial: 🎥 Wordnik API Tutorial: 🎥 let vs ...

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