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  • Build the future of the web with modern JavaScript (Google I/O ’18)

    This presentation gives an overview of cutting-edge JavaScript development techniques to build modern web and Node.js apps. Discover which features to expect in Chrome and Node.js soon, how the V8 engine optimizes for them, and how to improve real-world performance and stability on the Web and in Node.js. Presenters: • Mathias Bynens https://twitter.com/mathias • Sathya […]

  • JavaScript Tutorial 1 – Getting Started – Hello World

    JavaScript is a language designed to work with webpages. JavaScript was created by Netscape and is not to be confused with the Java Programming Language developed by Sun Microsystems. JavaScript has a syntax similar to the C Language group. JavaScript works on all modern browsers including IE, FireFox, Safari, Opera and others. JavaScripts are put […]

  • That pescky Little Snitch!!!!

    That pescky Little Snitch!!!!

    I have just spent the last 4 hours of my life trying to figure out why the hell Safari wouldn’t open HTTPS sites… and it hasn’t been pretty!!! Let me go though some of the suggestions I have found and tried and remember this is for OSX 10.6 and up (I’m pretty sure, although I […]