Teaching My Sister Photography

So we’re in lockdown at the time of posting this video. My sister got really bored and I had to make a video, so we combined our needs together and made a video about curing Annabelle’s boredom…by teaching her photography. There’s some great tips in the video for beginner photographers and you can see some great progress from Annabelle. Check it out!

Annabelle’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annabelle.dxx/

Music: Epidemic Sound
Burn Within Sight – Dylan Sitts
Crispy – Timothy Infinite
Ennui – Cody High
Fascination – dreem
Up and Down – Toby Tranter
What Next – Guustavv
Miika’s Journey – Lama House
In the Chains of Sorrow – Eneide

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