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The Art of Using 3D Computer Animation Software

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3D computer animation software refers to programs used to make computer generated, three dimensional images. There are many stages that animation studios utilize to make 3D models for games and even in films. If you are just starting to learn 3D animation, having one software package is enough to start learning. Remember that 3D animation is a very complex task, and it is time consuming and indistinctive. Thus, you have to use a book as reference or ask an expert if you want to learn more. Most packages sold come with learning tools. There are also free editions made for studying and gaining personal knowledge.

There are two classifications of 3D packages. One is the non-commercial source or what is called an open-source. Open sources means that the sources can be downloaded for free. One commercial program under the non-commercial source is called Blender. It is a free program for cartooning, modeling, texture quality, and rendering. Blender offers features that are comparable to high-level and middle range 3D animation. Blender also has advanced features. It can export and import different file formats. Blender is the only 3D package that is known for its flexibility. It can scale upwards to be used for complex computer units but it can also be scaled down to be used for handheld computers. It has a unique border that is very difficult to study. It can be made more efficient once you get familiar with it and it also offers a smooth workflow.

Another classification of 3D package is the commercial source. These sources are sold depending on the quality and features of the package. The prices vary from the cheapest to the most expensive packages. One program under the commercial source is the 3D Max, also known as the 3D Studio Max. When it comes to the video game industry, this program is the most popular software available. 3D Max can be used for visualization of architectural designs since it is compatible with AutoCAD. Cinema 4D is another package that is cheaper than the other software because of the simplicity of its configuration. It is known to be an artist-friendly software. It avoids the complex nature of other technical packages. It also has a low cost because of the basic functions of its structure. Additionally, Form-Z is a three dimensional modeler. It is designed mainly for modeling but it can also perform some rendering features. Most of the users of form-Z are architects and interior designers.

There is a lot of software available now, but you should remember that software is only a temporary tool for learning and developing your skills for animation. Once you focus on one software program, you will be limited to that program. To be an effective animator, you should be skillful in designing and drawing. Thus, you should broaden your knowledge and learn about other programs which will be helpful for you.

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