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The Best 3D Animation Software for Mac Users

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I’ve loved animation since I was a kid. I fell in love with both Raquel Welch and Ray Harryhausen’s animation when I first watched 1 Million Years BC in the 1970?s. I loved the British animator Oliver Postgate who created some wonderful stop motion for children. I purchased an old 8mm film camera and started making stop animation films when I was 10. I’ve had a love and interest of all animation ever since. Today of course, I watch films like Avatar and Pixar movies and want to create visuals just like that.

I’ve tried my hand at animation from time to time as a hobby over the years. I really didn’t have any success until last year when I finally purchased the best 3D animation software for Mac that I’ve owned since taking up this great hobby.

Reviews of the best animation packages for Mac. Also for PC.

I purchased the best 3D animation software that I could afford myself about a year ago. My final purchase was made after I’d extensively researched many of the different 3D animation software options available. I felt that it had been a hard decision choosing the right 3D animation software product. There were so many technical phrases and terminology being thrown about that I didn’t understand. Also, as there was a fair bit of money required for buying some of the really good software programs, it was not an easy choice deciding. But I found some real knock down bargains. I spent between $100 – $200 and the 3D animation software that I purchased was the best 3D animation software for my budget at that time.

However, it was not the first 3D animation software I had owned. My training had been in the form of a cheaper but excellent little 3D software program called Illusion Mage. This software implements the well-known ‘Blender’ software technology. But what it does best is give the beginner animator all the information and tolls to be able to get animating quickly and easily. It is a powerful bit of kit but not overly complicated.

Illusion Mage basically taught me everything I needed to know to progress to the next level of software. Illusion Mage was incredible at the price it was 2 years ago when I bought it. Currently it is at an absolutely ridiculous promotional price of under $50. Illusion Mage has extensive support and video tutorials which make it a perfect starter software if you are thinking of testing the water in the world of animation. You cannot go wrong at this current price. A very good beginner product, in my opinion.

If you are looking for a more well-known and more expensive product then you can’t go wrong with Poser software.

You can read reviews of Illusion Mage, Poser, Anime Studio 7 and more at www.best3Danimationsofttwareinfo.org

Happy animating.

Source by Dominic C Ashdown

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