The Bigger Picture of the Panasonic Lumix S1 and S1R Full-Frame Camera Release

Panasonic has officially launched the Lumix S1 series, the company’s first foray into full-frame mirrorless, but is there more to be said on this release than just talking about the cameras themselves?

In this video, Jaron Schneider of broader FOCUS takes a measured look beyond the S1 and S1R‘s spec sheets and pixel peeping, opting to observe these camera releases in context of the current industry and the choices made by Panasonic to get here. Because as much as some camera companies try to act like they don’t care what the others are doing, keeping pace plays a role in public perception by interrupting the growing list of unreasonable demands set up by competitors, rumor websites, and free-to-dream wish lists.

The Panasonic S1 acknowledges the camera buying public’s hesitation to use Micro Four Thirds over full frame, regardless of the company’s previous all-in attitude towards the smaller sensor. And perhaps they now see a wide enough opening in the full-frame mirrorless space; Schneider makes a point that the big three here — Canon, Nikon, and Sony — are in flux as they all have disappointing aspects to their systems. Those three companies also have much more public pressure on them to create cameras that are better than best, whereas Panasonic comes into it with no real expectations in this space or unruly public demands for what they need to do.

Over visually impressive footage provided by Panasonic and shot with the new S1, Schneider expresses points not often made during a camera release news cycle. Have a look at the video above and let us know what your thoughts are on the new full-frame Panasonic cameras in the comments below.

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