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The Budwig Diet for Fighting Cancer

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The Budwig diet was developed by Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist in 1951. Budwig held a great knowledge on the topic of oils and fats. The diet garnered a lot of attention for its cancer fighting abilities. Dr. Budwig is known best for her research on the combined use of flaxseed oil with proteins.

Her studies and writings on the topic of fighting cancer have been cited in numerous publications over the years. While doing her research, Dr. Budwig learned that the blood in her cancer patients lacked substances like lipoproteins and phosphatides. In comparison, an individual that was free from cancer had an abundance of both of these essential substances. When these were reintroduced to the person, over a three month span, the tumors in the body started to actually die.

The person would notice the recession, they would begin to increase in strength, and ailments like anemia, liver problems and even diabetes could be virtually cured. Because of this, Dr. Budwig knew she needed to create something to help people get these essential ingredients into their diets. They had to be items people would normally be able to eat, and have the power to not only fight cancer, but to also reverse the effects as well.

The perfect combination was flax seed oil and cottage cheese mixed together. This helps these essential items to be released into the body and begin to heal. After a ten year long clinical research was done, this process proved to be the best solution for cancer treatment. In fact, it also helped in the prevention of other problems as well as offer solutions.

These included: cardiac problems, ulcers, arthritis, eczema, and even immune system problems. Over the years thousands of people have been treated by this method, and there have been a number of studies that support her observations as well. In fact, many of those that have considered their situations hopeless have benefited from low fat cottage cheese and the mixture of flax seed oil.

This diet is assumed to be both preventative as well as providing a cure. Budwig’s research has proven there is validity to what she practices as well. But don’t jump into the process without having some additional information to back you up. Using any oil and foods that have hydrogenated oils in them will counteract the benefits of this diet.

The ideal per serving is 100 g of cottage cheese or quark (strained low-fat plain yogurt) and 3 tablespoons of flaxseed oils. Mix the ingredients at high speed with a stick blender until it becomes smooth. You should not see any oil separation. Add banana, strawberries, and blueberries. Top it off with 2 freshly grounded flaxseed.

It is important to consume the grounded flaxseed within 20 minutes because it oxidizes. All ingredients should be organic. This diet can benefit anyone who is interested in becoming healthier. Take a moment to learn more about this remarkable doctor, and her method for beating cancer.

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