The Differences Between Pro and Amateur Cameras

Photography is one of the few professions where the amateurs can have the same equipment as the professionals.  If you have the desire and/or money, then you can shoot on the same rig that the great names in photography use. But there are a few differences.

In this video, I talk about some key differences that I have noted between professionals cameras and amateurs cameras that I have spotted over the years. In the past I would run workshops, which meant that a lot of hobbyists came along, and I got to see how they tackled the problem of photography. 

From the choice of brands through to the amount of equipment they own, the procurement of camera gear differs vastly from amateur to professional. Even if two photographers have identical bags of kit, I can guarantee you the rationale was far from identical. I go over some of the tips, tricks, and hacks that I use to make sure that my cameras work for me, save me time, and in my case as a professional, make me money. 

Since 2008, digital cameras have been pretty darn amazing; the tech sheets from then until today really hasn’t changed all that much at all for studio photographers. With this in mind, I go over why professionals are choosing certain systems and formats as well as the modifications that they make to their kit.

What are your pro camera hacks?

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