• Sunday , 7 June 2020

'The Millennial Marriage Proposal' Is a Hilarious Look at Love in the Age of Social Media

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If you don’t post about it, did you even get engaged? This hilarious short film spoofs the social media generation with a couple that is most definitely hashtag relationship goals.

Coming to you from John Crist, this humorous short film pokes fun at how often these days, documenting an experience for social media seems to be more important than the experience itself. I’ve been at many concerts and events where I see people who are clearly more engaged with the act of showing off their presence than enjoying the actual event. I suppose if it makes you happy, who am I to judge? Nonetheless, I’d much rather have memories than an album of terrible phone videos, amd I do suspect that the pendulum will swing back in that direction a bit as the novelty of smartphones and social media wears off in the long run (and arguably, we’ve already seen it start to swing that way). Still, this is a humorous take on it all, though I do have to admit that the final shot looked pretty amazing.

If you’re a fan of this, be sure to also check out “Bros on Instagram,” a similarly hilarious spoof on getting that perfect latte shot. 

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