The One-Click "Fur Select" Tool in Photoshop!

Discover a massively underutilized Photoshop tool to precisely select fur or animal hair! This lesson will explore a combination of new and classic techniques to get the best fur and hair selections in Photoshop! Weโ€™ll also learn to use the Brush toolโ€™s blend modes to further perfect the mask and select every strand of hair. Finally, as a bonus, we will also learn to remove edge fringe and halos around the fur when you place it on a contrasting background.

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โ–บ Timestamps:
00:00 The Problem & What We’ll Learn
01:13 Special Button to Select Fur!
02:14 Make the Selection More Precise
03:34 Refine the Mask with Blend Modes
06:13 Remove Edge Fringe on Contrasting Backgrounds
09:27 Quick Recap

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