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The Opensource.com preview for November

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Our “Open DIY” series launches this month.

The Opensource.com preview for November

Welcome to November at Opensource.com! But before we can move fully into this new month, we’ve got to give a shoutout to what happened last month.

All Things Open

This year’s All Things Open was the best yet! Opensource.com had a booth, a photo booth, trucker hats, and led a Lightning Talk series at lunch (videos coming soon)—among many other exciting adventures. The All Things Open Speaker Series we put together this year consists of 18 articles and interviews with some special folks at the cutting-edge of open source technology and practices you should be hip to.


Halloween is a DIY-sort-of-holiday by nature, so it’s not suprising we had articles on how to make 3D printed decor, witch’s brew bottle labels, lighted porch bags, and a few spooky Perl modules.

Read more about October at Opensource.com in Rikki’s review.

Open DIY

Writers often tell us about their home projects and hobby adventures, many of which consist of some sort of do-it-yourself series of replicable steps. So, we sent out a call for DIY projects that include open designs and an open list of instructions. On November 14, we’ll start highlighting crafts and electronics from the makers and tinkers among us.

The Open Organization

The open organization webcast series will continue on November 15 at 4 p.m. Eastern, when Jackie Yeaney of Red Hat joins Charlie Brown of Context Partners to discuss the impact open values are having on the future of marketing. Registration is open now.

And the open organization community is gearing up for its final #OpenOrgChat of the 2016 season. The Twitter chat will occur Thursday, December 1 at 2 p.m. Eastern, and it’ll cover “The Open Organization Year in Review.” Swing by the #OpenOrgChat hastag to reminisce and share your plans for making organizations more open in 2017.

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