• Sunday , 19 May 2019

The Opensource.com preview for October

Code Canyon

October is here and we’ve got a action-packed month.

All Things Open

On October 26-27 in Raleigh, NC

Open-minded folks from tech, business, education, government, and many other fields will convene to hear about the fantastic things happening in the open world, from software to hardware and beyond. Opensource.com is a partner for this event, so we’ll be there and would love to say hello if you’re attending!

Speakers for All Things Open have been announced—check out our series highlighting some of them.

OSCON and LinuxCon in Europe

Before they head on stage, a few speakers share posts about what they’ll talk about at OSCON London and LinuxCon Berlin.

OpenStack Summit Barcelona

Stay tuned for our upcoming series of posts and interviews from experts on the open source cloud platform OpenStack. Get the conference details.

Most Open Month

This month we’ll highlight new writers at Opensource.com in a special series that shows our appreciation for them. It’s not always easy to pull the trigger and email us with a story idea. But we appreciate when you do and value those relationships. To submit a story idea, fill out our handy form.

Open Organization

The open organization community is gearing up for another #OpenOrgChat on Twitter this month. This one will be pretty special: “OpenOrg + DevOps” will bring together two communities committed to understanding how organizations and teams can become more responsive, more agile, more collaborative, and more transparent. Don’t miss this one.

We’re also preparing to host some of the Open Organization Ambassadors when they arrive in Raleigh for All Things Open this month. We can’t wait to meet them in person!

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