The Sony a1: Very Impressive and Doesn’t Overheat (Sort of)

The embargo on footage is lifted and Gerald Undone has put the new Sony a1 to the test. Just how good is this camera and does it overheat?

At $6,498, the Sony a1 is the most expensive camera of its kind. Fortunately for Sony, it’s also the only camera of its kind as it seems that the overheating issues that dominated the headlines following the release of the Canon EOS R5 aren’t about to threaten the marketing and hype. Gerald of Gerald Undone is renowned for his detailed and highly geeky testing and was so blown away by the a7S III that he immediately bought two of them out of his own pocket. Stay to the end to find out if he regrets his purchase now that the a1 is available for pre-order.

Gerald hasn’t touched on the photographic performance of the a1 but while the embargo has meant that pixel peeping the stills has had to wait, there are a few caveats to keep in mind when it comes to its burst speed. For more information, check out this video

$6,498 is a crazy amount of money for a hybrid camera, but is that price so insane if it truly has the features of a cinema camera? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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