The Sony a7S III Is Almost The Perfect Camera

The Sony a7S III was just announced and it’s so close to being my “perfect” camera. 

I would love to own multiple copies of a single camera that can cover all of our photo/video needs but right now, we shoot stills with Sony and Nikon cameras and we shoot our videos with Panasonic GH5s. I was planning to switch over to Canon and buy a few R5s or R6s until I learned about them overheating… I’m not willing to deal with that again. 

When Sony announced the a7S III, I got excited because it could be my perfect hybrid camera. In the video below, I went live to discuss the features of this camera and compare it to Canon’s offerings. 

During my live video, multiple people told me I needed to see Gerald Undone’s review of the a7S III. It is quite good and he does a great job of getting me excited about this camera. 

I wish the Sony a7S III was a little larger and easier to hold, I wish it had around 20 megapixels instead of just 12, and I wish it was $2500, rather than $3500. But, those are really my only complaints currently, and I’m excited to test this camera out for myself. 

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