These Are 15 Shockingly Useful Tips & Tricks For Photoshop – Photoshop Tutorial

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We will talk about some essential time-saving and helpful tips and tricks for using Photoshop. Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, or digital artist, these tips and tricks will help you use Photoshop more effectively in all kinds of ways.

I cover exporting graphics and fixing a weird export problem that Photoshop has. I talk about creating intricate masks quickly in a variety of ways. I talk about dodging and burning, smart objects, non-destructive editing, hotkeys, opacity and layer control, doing math, 16-bit image power, gradients and much more!

Envato images used in this tutorial:
Guy at computer retouching:
Synthwave style album cover:
Models posing in skirts:
Old man fishing by the sea:

Also, the dress pattern:



00:00 Intro
00:32 Dodge & Burn With Lines
03:25 Sticky Rotation
04:37 Envato Love
06:14 Hidden Sliders
07:59 Adjustments + Smart Objects
10:09 Merging Layers in Different Ways
11:55 Exporting Images, Layers, & Groups
17:25 Rotate Cloning & Healing
18:36 Math in the Inputs
19:34 Target More Specific Colors For Adjustment
21:43 Curves Adjustment Split Two Ways
24:41 Ultra-Complex Masks Made Easy
28:24 Convert a Color Object to White
32:07 Preventing Banding & Artifacts with 16-Bits
35:46 Change the way Gradients Work
37:35 Organic & Easy Selections FAST






MSI Computers:
Aputure Lighting:
RØDE Microphones:
Autonomous Stand Up Desks:
SoundAssured Acoustic Foam:

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