These Milky Way and Meteor Photos Were Taken With a Phone

Despite looking like the work of a high-end DSLR with top spec glass, this set of landscape images were all taken with Huawei’s latest offering, the P30 Pro. Clearly visible is the Milky Way and star trails.

Photographer Justin Ng has released the beautiful landscapes, which were taken in Mersing, Malaysia. Keen to test the much-hyped low-light capabilities of the new Huawei handset, Ng drove three hours to a small resort, where he began taking pictures.

Recalling the night, he admit he wasn’t expecting the experience to be so easy. To capture the scenes, Ng says he shot handheld, simply pointing and shooting while in Photo mode. With Master AI automatically enabled, he says he just “let P30 Pro perform its magic.”

He also attempted star trails and said he was surprised at the result. The image pictured below took 32 minutes, with Ng ceasing the shoot due to a car turning into the frame.

Interestingly, he claims the image quality for his Milky Way shots is not as good in Night Mode as it is in Photo Mode.

Inspired, Ng then took the smartphone on his astrophotography trip to Mount Bromo, where he shot faint meteors with the intent to produce a near-DSLR quality images. For these, he used the phone’s ultra-wide angle lens on Pro mode (ISO 3,200 and shutter speed 30 s).

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Images courtesy Justin Ng and used with permission.

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