This Mad Lad Water-Cooled His Canon EOS R5 to Get Unlimited 8K Recording

The Canon EOS R5 is one heck of a camera, but users have been running into a frustrating issue in which the camera overheats when recording in 8K and takes a fair amount of time to cool down and become usable again. In looking for a solution to the issue, one DIY’er came up with quite the novel method: water-cooling the camera.

Coming to you from Matthew Perks of DIY Perks, this fun video shows how water-cooling the Canon EOS R5 can unlock unlimited 8K raw video recording. Water-cooling is actually a fairly common technique, especially in powerful computers that deal with a lot of performance demand from users, but it is pretty much unheard of in the camera world. However, with the EOS R5 overheating issue significantly affecting the work of filmmakers, finding ways around the limitation is of active interest to many users. Perks’ solution allowed him to record for four hours with no end in sight. Obviously, this is something that will likely void your warranty and isn’t really a practical fix, but it sure is fun to see it in action, and as you will see in the video, Perks did find a more reasonable solution that still offered the same benefits. Check out the video above to see how it was done. 

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