This Mind-Blowing Drone Video Is the Most Impressive I've Ever Seen

Drones have enabled incredible creative possibilities that simply would not have been possible just a decade ago, and this might be the most impressive example I have seen. Check out this incredible video that shows jaw-dropping flying skills and creative coordination.

Shot by Jay Christensen and directed by Anthony Jaska for Sky Candy Studios in Minneapolis, this amazing video was shot at Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater, a bowling alley, cabaret theater, restaurant, and bar in Minneapolis. Director Anthony Jaska chose to shoot the video to demonstrate storytelling through aerial footage and to give the business a helping hand during a tough year, and boy, did the team succeed, with the drone weaving deftly through tight spaces and all the volunteers in the shoot showing impressive timing and coordination to bring the scenes together. The entire thing took about five practice runs and 10 overall takes to make adjustments after about a day of scouting and planning the drone’s route through the building. Despite the 15 total flights, the only time Christensen ever crashed was the intentional crash at the very end. The video has attracted lots of attention, including high-level directors who have reached out about hiring Christensen.

By the way, bonus points if you can name the movie referenced a few times in the video. 

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