• Sunday , 29 March 2020

Three Die at Party for Instagram Influencer After Dry Ice Is Poured Into Pool for 'Visual Effects'

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Three people have died and seven more were injured due to being poisoned at the birthday party of an Instagram influencer. It is believed to be from dry ice thrown into the pool, which caused the poisoning after having been used to create visual effects.

Russian influencer Ekaterina Didenko was hosting the party when disaster struck, with the dry ice mixing with the pool water. The victims include friends Natalia Monakova and Yuri Alferov, both 25, as well as Didenko’s husband, Valentin (Valya) Didenko, 32. The influencer took to Instagram, posting to her one million followers in order to confirm their deaths, which were caused by carbon dioxide poisoning. Other injured guests had chemical burns.

Initially, Didenko was posting from hospital, reporting that her husband was in intensive care, seemingly unaware he had passed away. A mother of two, she says her daughter has been asking for her father. It is believed her husband was the one who poured the dry ice into the pool with the intention of creating a visual effect.

Dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) creates heavy vapor when it meets water, but particularly in poorly ventilated areas, such vapor can cause high carbon dioxide levels in blood.

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