Three Tips for Building a Successful Photography Brand

As our culture continues to be flooded by imagery more and more every day and the standard of quality continues to skyrocket, making yourself uniquely identifiable is becoming both more difficult and more important than ever. This great video sits down with one of the most well-known names in photography as he gives his thoughts on building your brand.

Benjamin Von Wong is a name most photographers know, his viral campaigns reaching all around the world. And while he’s obviously a talented creative with both the creative vision to dream up these ideas and the practical and technical skill to bring them to fruition, he’s also very savvy at knowing how to reach, build, and retain an audience, which has allowed him to pursue a career doing what he loves and create a very identifiable brand for himself. In this great video, he sits down with Chase Jarvis to discuss three tips for building a successful brand that both enables you to generate income and stay true to your core creative impulses. So many bits of advice on this topic tend to center around externally focused ideas of business and the like, and while those are of course important, I found it refreshing to see a take on this that also addressed the importance of being true to yourself. Check it out!

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