Tilted Photo? Photoshop's "No Crop" Straighten Feature!


Straighten, Rotate, or Expand a Photo Without Cropping in Photoshop! Learn how to use the automatic Content-Aware Fill feature built into the Crop & Straighten tool to easily fill the gaps while rotating or expanding your image. I hope this video helps you. Thank you so much for watching ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Thanks for the great video. For my work i need something like that however not manual but automatic. What i mean is automatically rotate pictures based on the horizon. Maybe an AI tool which somehow detects the horizon and straightens it ? Any suggestions will be appretiated :).

  2. Weirdly enough I've found that you can get WILDLY different results using the content aware fill built into Crop vs hitting shift+backspace and choosing content aware fill, and going to Edit > Content Aware Fill…

    I'm not really too sure I understand why you'll get such different results for it filling the same exact areas in but if you find you're getting bad matches with the Crop tool, crop it to where you want it and use one of the other fill tools manually and see if it improves!

  3. Great tool, waiting for this in Camera Raw. Thank you.
    Just a quick tip: if you are using crop tool with "Use Classic Mode" this is not working. ("Use Classic Mode" option is under gear icon while Crop tool is selected.)

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