TIPS and ideas for the PERFECT Flatlay | Photography Tutorials

Learn how to create the perfect flatlays for your product photography or inspirational quotes. In this video, you’ll find ideas for layouts, props, equipment, and the tools you will need to create the best flatlay photography, at home or in the studio.

Are you stuck for ideas for backgrounds, or don’t know what props to use? Watch this video and come be inspired.

\ Timestamps\
00:00 Intro
00:19 Before you start: why?
01:10 Prop matching
01:59 Flatlays for inspirational quotes
02:07 Negative space
03:10 Emotional response
03:49 It’s all about the story
04:53 Where to learn more
05:22 Equipment and tools
07:38 Tripod
08:00 Backgrounds
08:43 Composition
09:37 Wrap-up

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2 responses to “TIPS and ideas for the PERFECT Flatlay | Photography Tutorials”

  1. Thank you Anna for this educational video.
    I've never really been interested in flat lay photography.
    But now that I have seen this video, it may just happen that I start on it anyway.
    My own photography does not lend itself to that, but I want to broaden my base and that could be with flat lay photography.
    You should make more of these short videos as they are specific to one topic.
    A nice weekend and a greeting from the Netherlands,

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