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Tips for Using a Wide-Angle Lens

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The wide-angle lens is often the main lens of the landscape photographer, but it can be hard to use.

In the above video, I share some important tips on how and why to use a wide-angle lens. I do this at the Lóndrangar sea-stacks, which is a famous landscape photography location in Iceland. You might also recognize this location from the “Photographing the World” tutorial by Fstoppers.

Ever since I started landscape photography, the 16-35mm focal length has been my favorite. I started out with the f/2.8 II from Canon (the current version is the mark III) and later switched to the f/4 model. Both have been great and sharp lenses. I have just changed systems and I am now playing around with the Sony 12-24mm f/4.

If you have ever used a wide or ultra-wide angle lens, you will know how much of the scene such a lens includes at its widest end. To many beginners, this is a disadvantage, but with practice and experience, you can turn this into a huge advantage.

If you have ever used a wide-angle for landscape photography, do you have any tips for sharing on the topic? It would be cool to exchange some experience down below.

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