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Toon shading in Cycles [Tutorial]

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Hey all!

Last night GOD asked me to figure out toon-shading in Cycles. Thankfully, HE never asks us to do something without helping us to do it! 😀
For about two hours I struggled to get rid of the smoothness that the background made and I looked online and I just could not find any information that was helpful. Only turning it off last night actually helped, but I need the background. Adding a sphere is not gonna work in every situation and this morning, HE gave me the solution, which is what I almost start with and that is Ray Visibility.

I did a small speed test with Blender Render and Cycles Render after editing the tutorial and I found that:
– Blender Render: 00:07.13 to render (that is CPU, 256×256, includes freestyle and no compositing)
– Blender Render: 00:09.62 to render (that is CPU, 16×16, includes freestyle and no compositing)
– Cycles Render: 00:07.48 to render (that is CPU, 16×16, includes Freestyle and no compositing)
– Cycles Render: 00:06.84 to render (that is GPU, 256×256, includes Freestyle and no compositing)
– Cycles Render: 00:07.22 to render (that is CPU, 256×256, includes freestyle and no compositing)
Conclusion is that it is faster to do toon shading with the GPU on Cycles.
– The resulting image is not the same toon-ness
– Blender Render gives you more control over specularity, lighting and colors.
– GPU crashes if your scene is very big.
Based on the tests and the buts, I think it is safe to say that Blender Render is, atm, the leading engine in Blender for toon shading.

Oh, the Thomas Dinges quote from Blender Guru can be found here:
(very helpful article to speed up your work in Cycles)

I used a character I made for another project as an example in this one. He was made using Make Human and of course edited in Blender quite extensively. I am super thankful that I don’t have to do characters from scratch… wow…
Check out Make Human here:

Check out Blender:

Biggest thanx to GOD for helping me with this. Without HIM, none of this would be possible! 😀

Know JESUS yet? GOD is reaching out to you through these videos. HE loves you more than you can imagine and wants you to know HIM. Not because HE’s lonely, but because HE loves you and paid a heavy price to enable you to go to Heaven, where HE is. See, we all have sinned in some way shape or form. That makes us guilty before GOD. If you have ever said that you hated someone, in GOD’s standard, you have committed murder (James 4). If you’ve ever looked on a person with lustful thinking, you’ve already committed fornication with them in your heart and you are then guilty of sexual impurity. If you were to face GOD on judgement day, saying: “I was a good person” will be a void argument, just like it would be before a human judge. GOD knew that we would have to pay that penalty and that we could not pay it, even if we tried, but sent JESUS to pay the price for us. Your sins were put on HIM and the forgiveness that is there for you was by no means cheap – the cross was not padded and comfortable, neither was the death.
But, HE was raised up on the third day (after being crucified) and finished the work so that we may enter through HIM paying the penalty we were supposed to pay, but it is only valid for you, if you accept it and live for HIM.
If that is you today, please, follow this prayer:
“JESUS, I believe that YOU are real and I believe YOU died for me and was raised on the third day for me. Please forgive me for my many sins. I make YOU the LORD of my life, full time and to fill me with YOUR HOLY SPIRIT. Teach me how to live for YOU, help me become what YOU have made me to be, in JESUS’ Name! Amen!”

To find out more, you can check out this link:
It gives you access to free Bible translations, free teaching videos and more. Remember, this is a decision with eternal consequence, choose life, choose JESUS. 😀

Have a great one!!!

Thank YOU!!!!!!


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