• Sunday , 7 June 2020

Top 5: Open hardware farming, issue tracking tools, music making, and more

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In this week’s Top 5 articles on Opensource.com, we highlight low-cost, DIY, open hardware farming equipment; open source issue tracking tools; free and open source music making programs; a look inside the Secret Lab hackathon; and a new column on the site about how to build a business with open source.

5. Let’s talk about how to build a business with open source

We introduce a new column on the site by veteran open source business builder, Grant Ingersoll. Learn how he got started in this first edition of Open Founder.

4. Secret Lab: It’s OK to abandon your project

Secret Lab puts on hackathons to create games and they don’t care one bit if you ever play it again. Despite that, they’ve won a few national awards along the way. Learn more about how the act of creating itself can be enough.

3. 5 free and open music-making tools

If you’re looking to get started making music, or you want to learn how to do with open source tools, check out this article for information on MuseScore, Audacity, Hydrogen drum machine, Ardour, and Guitarix.

2. Top 4 open source issue tracking tools

Jason Baker brings us four excellent open source options for keeping track of bugs and issues. For software developers and anyone who needs to manage a complex project.

1. Hacking the farm with low-cost, open source tool designs

In this story, learn how the creator of the Global Village Construction Set aims to bring low-cost, DIY, open hardware farming equipment to the masses. 


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