• Sunday , 31 May 2020

Top 5: Rasperry Pi projects, Ansible, Brave the new browser, and more

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In this week’s Top 5, we highlight Krusader Linux file manager, an intro to Kubernetes, an interview on the new browser Brave, a video on cluster computing with Ansible and Raspberry Pi, and projects to get you started with your Raspberry Pi. Plus, an honorable mention!

Top 5 articles of the week

5. Getting started with the Krusader file manager

Managing files is a constant task for users who want to maintain order and consistency. David Both explains how to get started with the Krusader file manager.

4. Kubernetes in 5 minutes

Jamie Duncan says containers are “making us rethink how we deliver software.” But they have their limits. Scaling them requires an important tool for extending their purchase: Kubernetes. To some, it’s the future of IT—one in which containers play an increasingly important role.

3. Is Brave the new champion the open web needs?

Ben Kerensa interviews Mozilla CEO and Javascript founder Brendan Eich about the browser Brave and what makes it different.

2. Cluster computing with Ansible and Raspberry Pi

We share Jeff Geerling’s video that walks us through the basics of Ansible, an open source IT automation tool, using a cluster of six Raspberry Pi computers.

1. GPIO Zero and Raspberry Pi programming starter projects

One of the most exciting starter activities to do with a Raspberry Pi is something you can’t do on your regular PC or laptop, such as flash an LED or control a motor. In this month’s Raspberry Pi column, Ben Nuttall shows you how to get started. 

Honorable mention

This week we gave our our annual Community Awards to recognize contributors and articles that blew everyone’s socks off last year. Our community voted to select the four winners of our People’s Choice Award, the four winners of our Reader’s Choice Award, and the three winners of our Best Interview Award. Our Community Moderators chose two passionate open source folks to win the Moderator’s Choice Award. And, the Opensource.com team selected ten Emerging Contributors to be recognized. See who won!


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